Daily News’ Dan Gross Resigns, Takes Buyout [UPDATED]

If you depend on Daily News gossip columnist Dan Gross for your updates on who’s getting divorced, what celebrity was seen at Parc and which adult movie star is appearing tonight at Club Risque, you’ll have to start looking elsewhere. Today, Gross, who is also president of the Newspaper Guild union that represents employees of the Inquirer, Daily News and philly.com, announced that his last day will be February 1st.

In his position at the Guild, Gross likely saw the writing on the wall a bit more clearly than some of his colleagues, and I imagine that we’ll be seeing more of them jumping ship in the days to come.

UPDATE: Read a Q&A with Gross here.

Below, the email he sent to Guild members.

Dear Guild member,

In the most difficult decision of my life, I chose to apply for the
voluntary separation program and was approved.

My last day at the Daily News is February 1.

It breaks my heart to not only leave the paper, but to resign from
leading the Newspaper Guild, effective immediately.

It would not be prudent, nor fair to the membership for me to be take
part in any meetings or conversations with Interstate General Media
about a future for which I will not be around.

My decision was not based on fear, but on opportunity. Taking time to
explore alternative career interests is what was the right choice for
me and my family.

The company has asked to meet with Guild leadership on Thursday to
again ask the union to re-open our contract, which is in effect until

At this time we have no more information as to the company’s
liquidation threat made last week.

According to the Guild’s bylaws, our executive shall appoint an
interim President to take charge until the next general membership
meeting when other candidates could be nominated and an election could
be required.

I have the utmost confidence in our executive board and if any of our
current officers assume the duties of the President, the membership
will have a hardworking, dedicated advocate.

There is a General Membership meeting scheduled for 6:30 p.m. January
22 at the Guild Hall at 1329 Buttonwood Street.

It has truly been an honor and a pleasure to serve the past four years
as Guild president, and as secretary for several years prior.

In solidarity,

Dan Gross, President,
Bill Ross, Executive Director,
and the Executive Board of the Newspaper Guild/Communications Workers of America Local 38010