Graham Spanier Still In Denial Over Sandusky Charges

Last week, I reported that Graham Spanier was asking his bail officer to let him travel to Europe, for a wedding in Slovakia, among other silly things. Now he wants permission to hang out with his buddies on the Board of Trustees in State College. Somebody’s still in Stage 1. From Spanier’s complaint:

State College is not a large city, and contact between (the) defendant and trustees is inevitable; for example, two of the former trustees live in Spanier’s apartment complex and he occasionally meets them in the elevators.”

OK, how about some amended language: “Graham Spanier, former President of Pennsylvania State University, may not fraternize with members of the PSU Board of Trustees to grumble about victimhood, complain about unfair sanctions, or trade recipes, as previously stipulated. If Spanier attempts to enter apartment complex elevator already occupied by a trustee, Spanier must turn around and walk up the stairs (or down the stairs, if he’s doing laundry). If Spanier encounters a trustee trying to enter elevator he’s already occupying, Spanier must either hurriedly close doors on said trustee, or, if not possible, briskly exit the elevator while shielding his eyes, sticking his fingers in his ears, and singing ‘lalalalalala.'” [CBS 3]