LCB Stores Giving In-House Brands Prime Placement

You know what sounds really unappealing? Liquor and wine produced by the state of Pennsylvania. Maybe that’s why the state has been sneaking its “in-house” brands ($8 “Table Leaf” Merlot, anyone?) onto the very best shelves at your neighborhood LCB booze emporium. According to an investigation by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, “Table Leaf” has been displayed at eye-level, often quite prettily, at the stores’ best sales spots for most of the 20 months the product has been available. This news comes on the heels of another Trib investigation that found the LCB had spent close to $500,000 marketing “Table Leaf” and other brands like LA MERIKA, despite promising it hadn’t. Because there’s nothing more LAMERIKAN than self-dealing, free-market flouting, shady state-run maneuvering. [Tribune-Review]