New York Times Keeps Hammering PA-Based Halfway Houses

For the past year, the New York Times has been raking the muck out of New Jersey’s troubled system of publicly subsidized, privately-run halfway houses, where drug abusers and ex-convicts are often sent to recover before re-entering society. The Times hasn’t been kind, detailing a set of institutions plagued by frequent escapes, sexual harrassment, and the appearance of preferential treatment by Gov. Christie. Now, the Times reports that Jersey’s second-largest provider, the Kintock Group, which is based in King of Prussia, is basically using state money to employ random family members.

The nonprofit agency hired the brother-in-law as a consultant even though he has no corrections experience and lives in California. And it employed the son-in-law to run a subsidiary unrelated to its mission: duplicating DVDs and other electronic media.

Kintock was already one of the main culprits in the Times’ series, which has spurred some action from the state legislature in Trenton (only to be thwarted by Christie). The Kintock Group also houses 400 people in a facility on East Erie Avenue, in Philadelphia. [New York Times]