Rendell Weighs in on Conn. Shooting with Five-Point Plan

Ed Rendell’s always been vocal about the need for strong gun control. He’s called for stricter legislation as Mayor, Governor, and most recently as a book-hawking, Obama-tweaking, potential future Hillary 2016 surrogate, calling the President in a “wuss” for doing not doing anything after the Gabrielle Giffords shooting. And he’s at it again today. Here’s his five-point plan, as he described it to the Patriot-News:

1. Ban assault rifles

2. Limit magazine clips to no more than 10 bullets

3. End the gun show loophole [people not otherwise permitted to buy arms are often able to obtain them easily at gun shows]

4. End the sale of guns on the internet where some 40 percent of all guns are sold without background checks

5. Redefine mental illness. Current federal laws prohibit gun sales to people with a mental illness, but does not identify what constitutes mental illness.