Philly’s Brownstein Group Creates “Interactive Catalog” for Ikea

The Brownstein Group in Philadelphia is getting credit with helping Ikea, purveyor of inexpensive-but-stylish home furnishings, create its first “interactive seasonal catalog”—a holiday-themed site called “Celebrate Brilliantly” that’s filled with video clips and integration with Facebook and Pinterest. Brownstein has worked with Ikea since 2006; plans call for three more seasonal, digital catalogs in the next year.“Over the last several years, we’ve continued to try to see which space our consumers are in,” said Christine Whitehawk, an Ikea U.S. spokeswoman  in Conshohocken. “Like other retailers, other advertisers, we’re realizing they’re more and more involved with digital.” Plus, because we can’t resist a 30 Rock reference, it’s also true that shopping online at Ikea is less likely to destroy your relationships.  [New York Times]