Petraeus Scandal Has Philly Connection

Plus: Drexel's bridge to definitely somewhere, the Eagles lose, Corbett's privatizing state lottery in a hurry and more of what Philly's chatting about today.

Drexel study is going to look into building a pedestrian platform to connect West Philly to Art Museum. You go, John Fry. [Inquirer]

Strike at Hostess Plant in the Northeast. More than 300 workers walked off the job at the Northeast baking facility where the likes of Ding Dongs and Twinkies are made. As far as anyone knows, Tastykakes are not among their demands. [Fox 29]

Gov. Corbett Plans to Privatize the State Lottery by End of January. Cue the PLCB jokes. [Patriot-News]

Petraeus Scandal Has Philly Connection. When Jill Kelley, now of Florida, complained to the FBI about threatening emails from Petraeus biographer Paula Broadwell, the bureau started the investigation that caused the general to resign last week. Kelley’s parents once owned businesses in the region, and they currently live in Washington Crossing. [Inquirer]

Cowboys 38, Eagles 23. Our Birds 24/7 has post-game analysis, including the line “The first thing that needs to be altered is the Eagles’ self-perception.”

New Bucks Co. McCaffrey’s Grocery Story Dazzles/Bring on the Snowstorm Shopping!. If there’s one thing you learn working on the Philly Post, it’s that people in this region really care about grocery shopping. [Bucks Local]

Occupy Harrisburg Un-Occupies. The country’s second-longest Occupy campsite/protest (who knew?) has dismantled its tent in front of Pennsylvania’s Capitol building. Sure, that leaves Fresno #1 in the record books, but then they don’t get snow. [Newsworks]