Yuengling Looks to Expand, But Probably Not in Pennsylvania

Since ye days of olde, Pennsylvanians have had the great pleasure of quenching their thirst with the delicious taste of Yuengling Lager. Over the past couple of years, Dick Yuengling Jr. has expanded his company’s reach, bringing the lager to town after town, liberating them from the confines of their light beer-drinking existence. Yuengling moved into new territory, eventually selling beer in 14 states, and has since seen a steep increase in demand. As a result, the company will likely need a new brewery within the next two years. But, thanks to business taxes, Dick Yuengling Jr. says it may be too bad, so sad for Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately, Yuengling said he doubts he will build the brewery in Pennsylvania, even though a western Pennsylvania location would be perfect for the brand’s continued westward expansion.

The decision comes down to taxes, incentives and the state’s business climate, Yuengling said.

In the interview, Yuengling hinted that there are far more business-friendly states. [Pennlive]