Woman Punched By Philadelphia Police Lieutenant Has Criminal Past

Last weekend in North Philadelphia, Philadelphia Police Lieutenant Jonathan Josey struck 39-year-old Ida Guzman with a single punch that has now been seen around the world. But it wasn’t the first time that Guzman had a run-in with the police.

According to court records, Guzman, who has gone by the alias Ida Gouseman, was arrested in Media, Pennsylvania in 2009 and charged with driving under the influence and falsely identifying herself to police. She pleaded guilty to both charges and was sentenced to probation and community service. In the following months, she was pulled over while driving with a suspended or revoked license and pleaded guilty to that charge.

In 2007, Guzman pleaded guilty to a single count of theft in Delaware County and was sentenced to 82 days in jail. According to court records, Guzman still owes $1,897.95 in fees and charges relating to that case.

And in 2001, Guzman was arrested on drug charges and criminal conspiracy in Philadelphia. She pleaded guilty to one drug charge and was sentenced to jail time and probation. According to court records, she still owes $3,011.25 stemming from the 2001 case.