Staph Meal Blogger Charged for Facebook Threats [UPDATED]

Joshua Scott Albert—the guy who ran (runs?) the Staph Meal blog has been charged by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office for Facebook pages he created supporting the murder of police officers.

The District Attorney’s Office said Monday that it has charged a blogger, Joshua Scott Albert, with three counts each of criminal solicitation to commit murder, terroristic threats and harassment for Facebook pages he created calling for the murders of two top law-enforcement officials here and another page that supported two alleged cop killers.

Albert also created a “Kill Mitt Romney” Facebook page and was apparently investigated by the Secret Service. Authorities are looking for the 26-year-old. [Daily News]

Update 9/13/2012: Contrary to the Daily News report cited here, Albert has not been charged with a crime. There is a warrant for his arrest, according to police, and the charges specified here are expected once an arrest is made.