Will George Norcross Land His Helicopter Atop the Inquirer?

Lots of rumors circling about at the old Strawbridge’s building at 801 Market Street, the new headquarters of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News, and philly.com. Most involve the $28 million in cuts sought by the new owners, bad news for a staff already slashed earlier this year. But one actually entertaining rumor is the one surrounding the helipad (pictured) that’s on top of the building and is included in the “unique features” section of this real estate listing for the property.

Word is that paper owner George Norcross, who last year convinced Evesham Township, New Jersey officials to change a noise ordinance so that he could land his noisy helicopter there, wants to gain access to the helipad to ease his commute from South Jersey to Center City, for which he currently employs a driver. “Well, it certainly would be a quicker ride,” says one newspaper source.

Of course, the huge air conditioning units obstructing the helipad (assuming this photo is up-to-date) would need to be moved, a job that would almost certainly require cranes and shut down streets. Mark Block, spokesperson for the papers, says he wasn’t even aware that the building sported a helipad, but said he would look into the helicopter rumor and get back to me.