The Worst “Call Me Maybe” Parody on the Internet Was Made by a Philly Realtor

According to, Liz Lutz is a realtor who lives in Pennsport. She has a bunch of videos on YouTube showing off properties and talking about the housing market. But, luckily, she decided to turn things up a notch with her rendition of “Call Me Maybe.”

“Powerful negotiation” has eight syllables (trust us, we clapped it out). That’s remarkably too many. You’ve got to love her spinning the “SOLD” sign like a poor man’s version of those guys that twirl the massive signs at high-volume intersections in the ‘burbs every time a mattress store has a sale.

Sparkly font. A random shot of a guy on a motorcycle. Off-center Star Wars lettering. Hand motions that don’t sync with the song. This is why the Internet exists. You’re welcome.