Jon Stewart Calls Out Governor Christie While Stephen Colbert Deals With PA House Majority Leader Turzai

On Wednesday night, both of Comedy Central’s political funnymen took aim at local politicians as only they can. First, on the Daily Show, Jon Stewart dealt with the ongoing debate about the decriminalization of marijuana. In New York, Governor Mario Cuomo is down with the idea of decriminalizing smaller amounts of marijuana, while the New York state Senate isn’t really feelin’ it. In Jersey, though, the state Assembly is all about the decriminalization of marijuana, while Governor Christie gets set to veto the legislation because he doesn’t want to defy the federal government. He’d prefer to do that on the issue of sports gambling.

Then, on the Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert talks about voter ID laws and Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Mike Turzai’s comment about how the new law will help Mitt Romney win the Keystone State. Also, he makes fun of Turzai’s big forehead.

Pennsylvania House Majority Leader, and, keeper of America’s strategic forehead reserve, Mike Turzai.