Philadelphians Sorry for Low Voter Turnout

Yesterday, we took an informal street poll around Rittenhouse Square, and pinned down about 50 passersby for four easy questions with yes or no answers. Here are the results, along with a few of our favorite quotes from respondents.

Will the Phillies win the World Series this year?
Yes: 23.4% (“That’s a toss-up. Maybe. Hopefully.”)
No: 76.6% (“I’d like to say yes, but no.”)

Are you excited for the NFL draft this week?
Yes: 27.7% (“Very much so!”)
No: 72.3% (“Honestly, I’m not a football fan.”)

Do you know who won the Democratic primary for attorney general?
Yes: 21.3% (“Kane won, surprisingly.”)
No: 78.7% (“Not my boy Patrick Murphy. I don’t know the other guy.”) For the record, the “other guy” was actually a woman named Kathleen Kane, who was referenced by multiple people as “The Lady Kane.”

Did you vote Tuesday?
Yes: 23.4%
No: 76.6%
Note: We may be apathetic, but at least we’re sheepish about it: Almost everyone apologized for not voting.