Ed Rendell’s Records Subpoenaed for Link to Iranian Group

Plus: A woman sues the Birds for a brawl at the Linc, two teens killed in automatic gunfire, Brad Lidge says the Nats are most talented team and more of what the city is buzzing about today.

Ed Rendell Records Subpoenaed for Support of Iranian Exile Group. MEK is a group of Iranians classified as terrorists by the State Department. Rendell—along with other big-name politicians—has been an outspoken advocate for the group and believes supporting their cause is the right thing to do. The State Department is also reviewing its designation of MEK as a terrorist group. [Washington Times, Inquirer]

Missing Girl Found Dead in Septic Tank. Police were searching for a missing two-year-old girl in South Jersey yesterday when they discovered a three-foot-wide hole in a nearby yard. After lowering the water level in the hole, they were able to determine that the girl fell, probably while playing outside with her siblings. [6 ABC]

Woman Sues Eagles for Brawl at the Linc. Great. A 21-year-old woman has sued the Eagles because she believes the team, as well as Aramark employees and stadium security, are at fault for a brawl at the Eagles/Texans game that left her underneath a pile of fighting men. The woman injured her ankle in the ordeal. [Daily News]

Teens Shot on ATV. Two teens are dead after more than 30 shots were fired from an automatic weapon as they rode an ATV stolen from upstate Pennsylvania. [Daily News]

Brad Lidge Is Talking. And Phils fans aren’t happy about it. Lidge says his current Nats team is the most talented team he’s ever been on. Really, Brad? [Crossing Broad]

Air Traffic Controller Recalls Chesco Close Call. A plane disappeared from radar when it plunged 6,000 feet and lifted the pilot off of his seat, crushing his headset. Everything worked out okay, but a scary moment for those involved. [CBS 3]