HughE Dillon One-Shot: Private Movie Screening at the Prince

Actors and producers turn out for a showing of The Goat.

Last night at the Prince Theater, a private screening for The Goat was held for investors, potential investors and friends of the production. These screenings are held to show the progress on the film, as well as to pique the interest of potential investors. The Goat was written and produced by William DeMeo and Paul Borghese. Borghese also directs the film, while DeMeo stars along with his fellow Sopranos alum Vincent Pastore, as well as Armand Assante, Ice-T and Cathy Moriarty. Local guy Dennis Shea, of Sheazam Productions, is among the producers. Shea told the audience that this is a “Work in Process” test screening, or a rough cut with 90 percent of the film finished.