Top 7 Puppy Bowl VIII Moments

Click here for shamelessly cute puppy photos (and highlights from yesterday's big game).

Who cares if the Eagles didn’t make it to the stinkin’ Super Bowl this year? There was a way awesomer sporting event happening yesterday: the eighth annual Puppy Bowl—and this year, there was even a pup from Philly in contention for the top prize. In case you missed all the thrills, here’s a roundup of the seven best moments from the big game.

1. Fumble comes on strong. In the first two quarters, Fumble scored several touchdowns and looked to be an instant choice for MVP. Until …

2. Aberdeen scored more than four touchdowns in quick succession, making him the obvious fan favorite.

3. Meanwhile, color commentator Meep the Bird took to Twitter to keep fans in cyberspace up to date on all the latest Puppy Bowl gossip. Drama!

3. The Kitty Halftime Show killed it. While I can’t be 100-percent sure, I’m going to bet no pets reacted like this to Madonna’s Super Bowl performance.

4. On the sidelines as this year’s celebrity guests, three stars of the Air Buddies franchise got a few moments in the spotlight at this year’s game to promote their newest film Treasure Buddies. Because yes, they’re still making those movies.

5. In the third quarter, Montana pooped on the field. Pro tip: This is not acceptable for the Puppy Bowl or the Super Bowl.

6. With just moments left in the fourth quarter, Sweetie Pie came into the game and scored an immediate touchdown. You go, girl!

7. In a heated battle, Fumble was awarded the coveted MVP award over Aberdeen. Scandal!


Did you tune in to the big game? What was your favorite moment?