Vahan Gureghian Drops $28.9 Million In Palm Beach

Good ol’ Vahan Gureghian, the controversial, ridiculously wealthy, and famously mysterious attorney-entrepreneur who owns that 30,000-square foot-thing in Gladwyne, founded a charter school in the impoverished city of Chester, and donates a heck of a lot of money to Republicans in this state, recently paid $28.9 million for an oceanfront property in Palm Beach. He intends to build on it a 20,000-square-foot French-inspired mansion, which was the subject of a heated debate in the neighborhood and at the local Architectural Commission. Some of the sticking points: an outdoor kitchen, two front-step fountains, and an overly ornate fountain visible from the street. The commission voted 4-3 to approve the final design. [Palm Beach Daily News]