Mayor Nutter Battles Philly Flash Mobs

Plus: DeSean Jackson heads to Lehigh, Verizon workers strike, the Phillies mortality and more of what the city is buzzing about today

Mayor Nutter Addresses Flash Mobs. At noon today Mayor Nutter will hold a live press conference to announce further details of the city’s plan to combat the recent wave of teen flash-mob violence. While he didn’t go into the specifics of the plan, Nutter spoke out against the teens involved—and their parents—from the pulpit at the Mount Carmel Baptist Church on Race Street yesterday morning. [FOX 29]

Mayor Goes Off On Violent Teen Mob Attacks:

DeSean Jackson Reports to Training Camp. Jackson will be at Lehigh today, although he’ll be there reluctantly. The star wideout has to show up to preserve his year of eligibility toward free agency and to prevent $30,000/day fines. [Inquirer]

Verizon Workers in Philly Among Those on Strike. Verizon saw 45,000 workers go on strike recently and many of them are employees in Philadelphia. The city’s Verizon workers will be protesting at Ninth and Race streets this morning over the price of health care and other sticking points of the ongoing contract negotiations. The city can hear them now. [WHYY]

The Phillies are Mortal. It’s not all sunshine and unicorns in the Phillies’ world right now. The team had its nine-game winning streak snapped by a 3-1 loss to the Giants yesterday and found out that Polanco will undergo an MRI to evaluate his sore left hip. Luckily, the boys roll into L.A. today for a three-game series with the Dodgers. [Phillies]

Atlantic City to Consider Adult Entertainment District. Atlantic City officials are going to consider altering current laws and regulations so the city can gather all of its sex-related business at the South Inlet. [Press of Atlantic City]

SEPTA Slow to Replace Railcars. Last October, SEPTA debuted the much ballyhooed Silverliner V. Since then, the new cars have seen sporadic and limited implementation as the old cars remain the norm on SEPTA lines. Who needs new cars when the old ones are like saunas with broken bleachers? [Daily News]