Comcast Partnering With Skype

The $1,000 murder plot, Lenny Dykstra "incoherent," teachers vs. Ackerman plus more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Apparently MySpace Still Exists. The U.S. Appeals Court in Philadelphia has issued a ruling in the case of two Pennsylvania students who got in trouble for mocking school officials. [Wall Street Journal]

Teachers vs. Ackerman. Last night, hundreds of laid-off teachers stormed a school board meeting. [Fox 29]

Happy Father’s Day. A local woman offered up $1,000 to anyone who would kill her baby’s daddy. And she did so on Facebook. [MSNBC]

Comcast to Skype. You’ll soon be able to make calls over your TV thanks to a deal that our cable giant has struck with the peer-to-peer innovator. [Forbes]

Dykstra Pleads Not Guilty. The former Phillies star appeared “incoherent” in court yesterday. [Sporting News]

Creating a Decent Waterfront–For Real This Time. Last night, the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation released its final “Master Plan for the Central Delaware: Transforming Philadelphia’s Waterfront.” The Scoop actually feels hopeful. [Press Release]

More Corruption In A.C. Former blackjack dealer turned Atlantic City mayor Lorenzo Langford failed to report $60,000 in campaign contributions, including money he received from two Philly firms with A.C. contracts and, oddly, two donations from his nemesis, State Senator Jim Whelan. [Press of Atlantic City]

The Greening of Philadelphia. That ugly lot that’s been sitting at the corner of 20th and Market for years is now a pop-up garden. [Newsworks]

Hey, Everybody, It’s Flag Day. No, we don’t know exactly what it means, either. [Inquirer]