D.A. Seth Williams’s Second-in-Command Unhappy With Office Politics

Plus Downingtown's cheerleader drama, Nutter's soda tax, Philly's white flight, and more of what the city is buzzing about this morning

Shocking News: White People Are Moving to the Suburbs. For “better schools, bigger houses.” [Inquirer]

In Today’s Animal Abuse News … A dead dog with a stick shoved down its throat was found hanging from a tree in Bridesburg. Sigh. 6ABC]

Oh No! Not the Cheerleaders! Downingtown School District cheerleaders are pissed that officials want to cut the competitive cheerleading program. Let’s put it in perspective here: Downingtown kids lose their cheerleading program. Philadelphia kids lose the opportunity to attend full-day kindergarten and transportation to actually get to school. [NBC10]

Did Seth Williams Bully Joe McGettigan Out of the D.A.’s Office? Lots of friction happening over there, according to many unnamed sources. “There are two groups here. The’Pro-Seth’ group and the ‘This place is a madhouse’ group,” said one prosecutor. McGettigan was expected to have worked his last day yesterday.  [Daily News]

City Council Not Happy With Nutter’s Tax Proposal. In order to help the city’s school district cope with its financial distress, the Mayor proposed a combination of tax hikes—including a property-tax increase, another attempt to pass a soda tax, and higher parking-meter rates and fines. Council was unimpressed with the idea. Naturally, John Street chimed in, too. “There cannot be a worse option than the parking and soda taxes,” he said. “It will set the city back in a big way. This is so typical of the mayor.” [Daily News]

Planning to Be Drunk at the Manayunk Bike Race This Weekend? Be careful. The police are planning to crack down on people “who are drunk in public, lie about their age to get alcohol, or commit other crimes.” [Inquirer]

Homeless Woman Stabs Teenager in LOVE Park. The 15-year-old girl allegedly splashed water on the homeless woman. She was stabbed twice. [Fox29]