Will Sarah Palin Pass By Philly?

Plus what Herman Cain did for our region, Manayunk bike race haters complain, an alleged burglary at Jim Gerlach's district office and more of what Philly's talking about this morning

Sarah Palin: Will She or Won’t She? Rumors persist that Palin is on her way to visit Philadelphia. She’s on a bus tour of U.S. history-related destinations and ended up in Gettysburg last night. [LA Times] A media circus and a cat-and-mouse game ensued. [Gettysburg Times]

Jesse Jackson Will Be In Town. He’ll be protesting cuts by NJ Guv Chris Christie. Perhaps, if Palin shows, they can have lunch at Reading Terminal Market. [Fox 29]

Shore Houses for Everyone! Falling home prices, from LBI to Cape May, have made owning at the Shore more accessible to everyone. Cost of every crazy relative crawling out of the woodwork to crash at your place? Much, much higher. [WSJ]

What Herman Cain Did for Philadelphia. Republican presidential candidate and former head exec at Godfather’s Pizza is attracting supporters with his CEO sense and his outsider status. Turns out the guy has worked his business savvy in our very own region by turning around poor-performing Burger Kings. [Washington Post]

Vance Worley Back to Triple A. The Phils sent the pitcher down because, according to Charlie Manuel, they want him “to get stretched out.” [CSN]

Tolls on Route 422? A commission will soon listen to a proposal about doing just that. Well, that’s not going to make anyone’s commute faster. [Business Journal]

Not Everyone Excited for Manayunk Bike Race. Some residents want to see an increase in police presence to control the obnoxious drunk element that accompanies the annual race and would really rather the whole thing just go away. Next up: Manayunk cancels Saturday nights. Newsworks]

Alleged Burglary at Jim Gerlach’s Office. A man allegedly broke into the U.S. Rep’s office and tried to steal a fish tank. [Main Line Media News]