Lenny Dykstra Arrested …

... for selling stuff on Craigslist

Lenny Dykstra is broke. The former Phillie filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and has allegedly been selling stuff from his $18 million mansion in California—including a $50,000 sink—on Ebay and Craigslist. According to the always-reliable legal scholars at TMZ, “Dykstra is not legally allowed to sell off any of the items that make up the bankruptcy estate. The property must only be used to pay off debts to creditors and all transactions must be initiated by a court-appointed trustee.” He was arrested this afternoon and if convicted of embezzlement, he faces five years in federal prison. [TMZ.com]

In between wondering what a $50,000 sink could possibly do that makes it worth $50,000, the Scoop is curious: Can you imagine if you bought something from Craigslist and when you went to pick it up Lenny Freaking Dykstra opened the door?