HughE Dillon: Cole and Heidi Hamels Host Diamonds and Denim

Plus the Philadelphia Collection kickoff party and the latest Out and About

Last night was a STAR-STUDDED evening in Philadelphia with the Orchestra playing uptown, where actor Alec Baldwin stopped by for introductions, and Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels and his wife Heidi Hamels downtown hosting the Diamonds and Denim Event at Union Trust Philadelphia Steakhouse with teammates, celebrity friends, and survivors. To see the full-size shot of Cole and Heidi with Chase and Jen Utley (left), plus Ryan Madson at Rouge and more, crank up today’s slideshow.



Saturday there will be a presentation of the Eco Champion Awards to Mayor Nutter, Schoolly D, and Phillies pitcher Ryan Madson. As part of the inaugural Manayunk EcoArts Festival, the Eco Champion Awards recognizes inspirational Philadelphians who have raised the profile of sustainability and green living through personal and professionally.

THE STYLE NETWORK is looking for YOU to nominate someone who has taken a unique interior design theme TOO FAR! They’ll have their celebrity designer re-do and streamline the hot mess of a room. They stress that you can’t nominate yourself ’cause it’s sounds like they want to do an ambush makeover on someone’s house (just have your child, mom or friend nominate you). Contact with your name, contact info and a brief description of your nominee’s space. is looking to cast you if you have a strange addiction. For example: Do you like to eat dirt? Interact with reborn dolls? Are you are obsessed with your cat? It’s for a national cable TV show starting production.

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