Looking for Philly’s Next Big Start-Up?

Innovative companies that are changing the region's tech landscape

At Technically Philly we’ve written nearly 1000 posts covering the technology community here in Philadelphia. If you paged through our archives, you would come across hundreds of local companies, each with something innovative to offer the city and the world.

However, in the rare circumstance that you do not have hours to look at TP’s back archives, let us help you take an easier, much more fun approach: Switch.

Switch is a brand new event from Technically Philly that will feature seven-minute demos from the most innovative and interesting companies in the Philadelphia region. At Switch, you’ll be able to see the Philadelphia-based companies that inspire and innovate in a little under an hour.

Below are the presenting companies, and the companies that we think can be the next hot Philly start-up:

1. Packlate: If you can afford a bit of flexibility, Packlate can help save you hundreds on your next vacation. This West Conshohocken-based website help vacation home owners fill left over inventory while giving the rest of us a sweet deal. At Switch, Packlate plans to tell us how it all works as well as giving us inside tips about how we can snag the best deal possible. $140 a night in Costa Rica? Count us in.

2. Orpheus Media Research: If you’ve ever hit shuffle on your iPod and wished there was a better way, Orpheus has you covered. This Old City-based company makes software that analyzes music patters to help detect copyright infringement and – most importantly – help you find new music based on your current library’s mood, rhythm and “textural quality.”

3. P’unk Avenue. – This South Philly Web design shop – which helps organize Ignite Philly – will be showing off Apostrophe, its slick content management system that is getting the attention of techies nationally.

4. Zecozi – This stealth company plans on launching shortly before Switch. If you’d like to see what they’re up to, you’ll have to show up.

The fun begins on October 6th at the Levitt Auditorium at the University of the Arts at Broad and Pine. For details and tickets visit http://www.switchphilly.com.