Is Camille Barnett the Worst Person in Philadelphia?

How the outgoing managing director is taking advantage of the city's pension plan. Plus: Jose Garces announces a new restaurant, Subaru sales skyrocket, and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

$50,000 a Year for Life. That’s what ougoing city managing director Camille Barnett will get. No, she didn’t hit the lottery, she’s taking advantage of a loophole in the city pension plan that gives her that much dough after just two years on the job. And it’s not the first time she’s pigged out at the public trough. Check out this 11-year-old story, which details how Barnett walked away from a similar job in D.C. after one year and pocketed $500,000. Pardon the Scoop’s French here, folks, but this is fucking outrageous. [Inquirer]

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch… The Nutter administration has imposed a hiring and buying freeze at City Hall, thanks to a $13.5 million tax revenue shortfall. This is on top of the $20 million in cuts Nutter announced last month. Has the Scoop indicated he’s rather pissed about this Camille Barnett thing? [Business Journal]

Gerry Lenfest to the Rescue. Again. The gajillionaire philanthropist is giving $500,000 to the Bob Brady-led Philadelphia Traditions Fund, which will help pay the cost of various parades and ethnic celebrations, including the Mummers parade. If Gerry’s 500G isn’t enough, maybe Camille Barnett could help out? [Inquirer]

Jose Garces Will Open in the Cira Centre. The Iron Chef’s next restaurant, set to open in September, will be called JG Domestic Fine Food & Spirits and will feature an all-American menu. One dish is reportedly called the “Camille Barnett All-You-Can Eat Buffet,” which will be paid for with public funds. (OK, the Scoop made that up.) []

Subaru Has Its Best May Ever. More good news about the economy: the Cherry Hill-based carmaker sold more than 23,000 cars last month, up 35 percent over last year. No truth to the rumor that Camille Barnett bought most of those cars. [Business Journal]

Foxwoods’ Dudes: We Have Five Potential Backers. Trying to avoid having their casino license yanked, the power guys behind the Foxwoods casino — Ron Rubin, Ed Snider, and Lewis Katz — say they have five potential investors who would allow them to go forward with their project. They asked the gaming board for four more months to get their act together. [Inquirer]

Rendell Talked to Rahm Emanuel About Sestak. The guv told Sean Hannity last night that he had conversations with Obama’s chief of staff about keeping Sestak out of the Senate race against Specter. But Ed downplayed it, saying this kind of stuff happens all the time. Sort of like getting a $50,000-per-year pension after two years of work. [The Hill]

Al Capone Went to Jail Here. Fascinating piece from the Wall Street Journal’s web site about Al Capone’s arrest in Philly and subsequent stint in Eastern State Penitentiary. Seems he was just passing through town and ended up doing a year of hard time. (Feel free to insert your own Camille Barnett joke here.) []

Shipley School Getting Set to Expand. Among their plans: new athletic fields and new multidisciplinary building for the upper school. [Main Line Times]

Flyers Outscore the Phillies… Again. Flyers 3, Phillies 1. Read more amazing stats in Mike Miss’s post from yesterday. Oh, and did the Scoop mention Camille Barnett is getting $50,000 a year from the city…for the rest of her life?