Positano Coast’s Autumn in Amalfi

Guests drank, ate, listened to jazz and looked their best at this exclusive cocktail party.

Last Wednesday night, Old City restaurant and lounge Positano Coast hosted an exclusive cocktail party called “Autumn in Amalfi”; guests enjoyed tasting stations of wine, crudo, olive oil, pasta and meats, limoncello and other specialty cocktails. Here is hostess Rosita Lamberti (left) with Steve Rockman and Dana Spain.

Jessy Kyle (below), a Philadelphia-based jazz/soul singer, songwriter and pianist, entertained the crowd all evening.

Below from left: Thomas Mele, Gavin McKay of United Fitness, Ben Haney of Mac’s Tavern and Jillian Mele of NBC10.

Below: Michelle Boyles and Allison McClellan. Since last week was the Philadelphia Collection fashion and retail week, I wanted to know what was a fashion “don’t.” Michelle tells me her pet peeve is when women don’t cut out the temporary stitching in dresses, and especially jackets. I had no idea there was temporary stitching on clothing, but as my night wore on, others chimed in about the same issue. Allison says that ladies and men should wear clothing that fits.

Below, from left: Sabrina Tamburino Thorne, Amy Lamerson, Lawrence Coates and Laura Coates. Laura tells me that before you put on anything, you have to have confidence, that is your best accessory.

Below, from left: Terrence Fenningham of Cross Fit T1, Christie Honigman of Honigman Group Public Relations, and Joe Chiarantona, sales representative at Arthrex/Liberty Surgical. Being fit is always sexy, Terrence tells me.

Below: Evan and Lynsie Solomon, who advise that you buy what you can afford, and then accessorize.

Below: Dentist Dr. Aryam Modesto and Matt Cabrey of Muller, Inc. Modesto says visit your dentist regularly for cleanings and check up.

Below: Wendy Wilhelm and Peter Caperonis don’t want to see bras peeking out from your outfit, and wonder if they still sell lint brushes, because leaving the house with lint on is a fashion don’t.

I found Alexis Gelo (left) and Erin DeGiulio enjoying their wine in the Sopra Lounge of Positano Coast.

Below: Noah Hoffman and Lisa Hwang. Lisa tells me women need to know what looks good on them and that their clothes should fit. Your friends should be honest with you, if you can’t be honest with yourself. Sexy is any shape, as long as your clothes fit.

Below: Eugene and Anna Umansky

Below: Jessiva Herbst, CJ Honigman and Keirsten Donohue. The little black dress goes a long way.