Girard College Good Friends Gala

Mayor Nutter, the Fattahs, Lew Katz and more turn out to support the school.

On Friday night, Girard College hosted its annual Good Friends Gala. This year’s Corinthian Award, which recognizes exemplary good deeds, went to Mayor Michael Nutter, pictured here with Clarence D. Armbrister, president of Girard College, Dominic M. Cermele and wife Barbara Cermele, and, far right, former Girard President Joseph T. Devlin.

Below: Lewis Katz and Elizabeth Laurent, of Girard College’s museum, which is open to the public and free on Thursdays.

Below: Jonathan A. Saidel, Rev. Kevin Johnson, Harold Yaffe, and State Senator Anthony Williams.

Below: Bunny and Jim O’Neill, with Denise Armbrister at the VIP cocktail party in the museum.

Below: Anna Everly and Bob Trostel. This was the first year the Girard College Museum was open during the VIP cocktail hour. The room held fond memories for Trostel, who graduated in 1972.

Below: Nino Tinari, Dave Fisher and Mia Tinari, and Carol Tinari.

Below: Peg and Steve Castorani, and Eric and Anna Cobelens.

Below: Congressman Chaka Fattah and Renee Chenault-Fattah.

Below: John and Grace Bunker, Gil Bunker, and Rich and Beverly McMahon.

Below: Omar Woodard graduated in 2001 and is a principal at Venture Philanthropy Partners in Washington, D.C. He is the youngest member to ever serve on the Girard College board of managers, and was delighted with the chocolate fondue fountain that evening. Tanisha Jenkins is a graduate of Girard College (class of 2000). Today, she works as an electrical engineer. Both Girard graduates tell me they have fond memories of their school, and remain close with former classmates.

Below: Michael Schulson and Nina Tinari. Schulson tells me he has taken the helm at the Saint James, while working closely with sous chef David Clark. There’s a new bar menu, and he has updated the menu.

Below: Elaine Gillison and Everett Gillison, Philadelphia Deputy Mayor.

Below: Lisa Feeley and Kevin Feeley, Girard alum (1973) and president of Bellevue Communications, with Lisa’s mom, Rita Grant. The Feeleys donated four tickets to the Diamond Club to the evening’s auction, and then when a bid came in, they donated a second set.

Below: Tom Kohler and Michael Brownstein. Jeffrey Hammond returned for the fourth year as the very vocal and capable auctioneer and wanted to add a lot of cash to the $300,000 that had already been raised. He did a great job, often auctioning off items such as tickets to sporting events, and then offering matching items if someone was willing to match the highest bid for the item. For example, Mayor Nutter offered eight tickets in his box for the July 12th Phillies game. When it sold for $2,500, the Mayor stepped up and offered another set for July 14th. Hammond found a bidder. A good auctioneer really makes a big difference.

Below: In his acceptance speech, Mayor Nutter said that going forward, he wouldn’t use the term “funding the schools,” but instead say “making an investment in our children.” He encourages all of us in the city to make an investment, because education creates productive people. In addition, he encourages business owners to employ a teenager this summer. Teens rarely save the money they earn during the summer; instead they spend it on activities and entertainment, all of which will help the economy. So hire a teen this summer.