Miley Cyrus Records at Philly’s Sigma Sound

She also caught an impromptu concert by Meek Mill.

Last night, Miley Cyrus was working hard to finish her new album during a session she started in the summer in Philadelphia, with Ronny FLIP Colson and production duo Oak and Pop at Sigma Sound Studios at 12th and Race streets. Last Sunday, she performed “Rebel Yell” on VH1’s Divas show; no word if that song is on her new CD, which should drop in early 2013. While at Sigma Sound last night, Miley caught an impromptu concert by Meek Mill, who was just told by a local judge he could not go on a tour for a month. See more photos and details about Miley Cyrus, Meek Mill and Liam Hemsworth on the set of Paranoia, at