HughE Dillon: Liam Hemsworth Films in Rittenhouse

Mayor Nutter stops by the movie set to yell action.

Liam Hemsworth and Richard Dreyfuss filmed all day yesterday at 10th & Carpenter in South Philly’s Bardascino Park. At around 5 p.m., the entire production took over the Rittenhouse Square area as Hemsworth filmed a car scene, closing the entire 1700 block of Locust Street. Actors filled the street looking very business-like, with Parc restaurant-goers getting front row seats for the action.

At one point during the South Philly filming, Mayor Nutter came by to greet the cast. He posed for photos with the actors and directors and met Miley Cyrus, who dates Hemsworth. Nutter stayed for about 10 minutes, and at one point he called “action” for a scene to start, and then watched the playback of the scene. Afterward, he greeted fans who lined the street to watch a little of Hollywood in the neighborhood. Paranoia films through the end of August, then stops to allow Liam Hemsworth to shoot The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and returns to Philly in December. It’s then that you will see Harrison Ford on a regular basis.