HughE Dillon One-Shot: Whitney Port in Ardmore

The reality TV star shows off her new clothing line.

Reality TV celeb Whitney Port (left) was in Ardmore yesterday to launch her new Spring 2012 clothing line, “We by Whitney Eve,” at Apricot Lane Boutiques, the shop that carries the line exclusively in our area. Port told me that the line included a few floral prints, and her team would pick flowers they loved and spread them out on a table, stretch them, photograph and then imprint on fabric to make sure they were authentic representations. She doesn’t miss being on reality TV as she gave up so much of her personal life during filming. She just completed being a judge on Britain’s Top Model with Tyson Beckford. She loves that her clothing is at the Apricot stores as they are very fashion-forward, easy and fun. With her in the photo are mother/daughter store owners, Ashley Seiden (center) and Teresa Macchia.