HughE Dillon: DN Sexy Singles Party at Palomar

Q102's DJ Maxwell, Jennifer Carroll and more celebrate their sexiness.

It looked like there wouldn’t be any celebration of the 2011 Daily News Sexy Singles as the DN decided to forgo their usual party last year, but leave it to 2011 Sexy Single and Q102 DJ Maxwell to save the day. Last night at the Hotel Palomar in Center City, Q102 listeners, a few of the Daily News singles and friends were feted with an acoustic concert by popular singer Jojo (center). Maxwell (left) hosted the hotness as Q102’s Romeo (right) stopped by to enjoy the festivities.

Below: Not a sexy single, but married GM of Hotel Palomar Nick Gregory, with wife Julie Gregory and sexy single Sean Flanigan, hotel manager at Palomar. I did see quite a few sexy singles in the house including Arthur Kade, Jennifer Sherlock, Amber-Joi Watkins and Marc Leone.

Below: Jenice Armstrong, columnist at the Daily News and creator of the Sexy Single franchise, with 2011 Sexy Single and smokin’ at 50 years old Kelly Williams, the author of two books (Single Mamahood: Advice and Wisdom for the African-American Single Mother and Single Mama Dos and Don’ts), and Elizabeth Wellington, Inquirer fashion columnist.

Below: Kerry O’Connor, Frankie La Macchia, and Carol Drumstas, Brown Forman. La Macchia, who sustained a spinal cord injury in a motorcycle accident, recently starred in a series of videos for Magee Rehabilitation that show those with disabilities—particularly those in wheelchairs—how to live happy, well-rounded, healthy lives by staying active in their communities and with activities they love.

Below: Sexy Single and chef Jennifer Carroll, and cousin Patti Lynch. Since leaving 10 Arts to explore opening her own restaurant, Jen has been doing a lot of charity chef appearances throughout the U.S., as well as vacationing in Mexico. She’s looking forward to a “busy summer,” which, to me, means look for her restaurant to be up and running by then. Next up for Carroll, on Thursday, February 2nd, she’ll participate in a Hunter’s Dinner at Brauhaus Schmitz.The lineup also includes Osteria’s Jeff Michaud, Bistrot La Minette’s Pete Woolsey, and Jeremy Nolen of Brauhaus Schmitz.

Below: Sexy Single Matthew Nadu, CW Philly, Mabel Wong, Debbie Jaffe and Jon Nadu.

Below: Morgan Birch and Monica Montalvo, senior publicist at Allied Integrated Marketing.

Below: Marc Canalichio, marketing and promotions at Palmieri Jeans, Akilah Linder, co-executive producer of Makin’ It Philly, Vic Sanders, Palmieri Jeans, and Henry Hamilton, CEO at Palmieri Jeans, are all part of the new reality show Makin’ It Philly, which can be seen on WMCN-TV every Tuesday at 8 p.m. The show’s concept is to display how African-American entrepreneurs can still make it in business despite the challenges they may encounter.

Below: Recently relocated to Philadelphia from Cincinnati, Kish Rutledge, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, made a beeline to tell me what a fan she was of this column as well as my Philly Chit Chat. That qualifies her for a spot in the column. She tells me she is enjoying Philly’s nightlife and culture. No doubt she’s made some good connections in her short time here as she’s met the very artistic Florcy Morisset of Vivant Art Collection. Congratulations to Florcy, who just celebrated Vivant’s fourth anniversary.

Below: Jill Horn, Q102’s Nicole “Nik the Web Chick” Michalik, and Q102’s Rebeca Cominsky are “sexy and ya know it.”