West Mt. Airy

house for sale mt. airy midcentury modern split-level exterior front

On the Market: Midcentury Modern Split-Level in Mt. Airy

Ho-hum. Another 1950s split-level house for sale. “Haven’t you posted enough of these?” I hear someone out there asking. Bear with me. There are good […]

house for sale mt airy new colonial exterior front

On the Market: Contemporary Colonial in Mt. Airy

If you’re the type that loves to entertain, we have the house you’ve been looking for today. This house for sale in West Mt. Airy […]

house for sale w mt airy victorian exterior front

On the Market: Distinctive Victorian in West Mt. Airy

Some houses have more personality than others. This late-19th-century Victorian house for sale in West Mt. Airy has so much personality it hurts. It was […]

house for sale mt airy rebuilt craftsman front elevation

On the Market: Renovated Craftsman in West Mt. Airy

This handsome stone Craftsman, as the picture above should make clear, has strong bones. Those bones have kept it here in West Mt. Airy for going […]

hottest affordable neighborhoods mt. airy night market germantown avenue

Survey: Philly Has 3 of “10 Hottest Affordable Neighborhoods” in the Nation

Looking for a hot neighborhood you can afford to buy in? Time to get your East Mt. Airy groove on. The famously integrated neighborhood in Northwest […]

house for sale mt. airy large tudor exterior front

Just Listed: Spacious, Handsome Tudor in Mt. Airy

I have a mental file folder labeled “Very Mt. Airy.” It gets filled with those places, activities and people that could only be possible in […]


On the Market: Classic Colonial in Mt. Airy

Mt. Airy takes its name from the summer residence William Allen, a chief justice of the colonial Pennsylvania Supreme Court, built for himself in 1750. […]

healthy food near mt airy
Be Well Philly

Where to Find the Best Workouts and Healthy Food Near Mt. Airy and Germantown

Philly has an insanely wonderful fitness scene, but the truth is, many of us tend to stick to our own neighborhoods — we’ve all got […]


Rare Bird Sighting in Mt. Airy for $2.25M

If yesterday’s featured home was more striking outside than in, and a typical Philadelphia townhouse mansion more striking inside than out, then this handsome 1925 […]


The Hills Are Alive… in Mt. Airy for $800K

I can’t say whether Mt. Airy’s reputation drew them here as it did so many other families in the years that followed, but as the […]


A French Country Estate in the City: A Rare Opportunity in Mt. Airy for $1.55M

Not all of the homes visionary builder George Woodward built are in Chestnut Hill. In his later years as a developer, Woodward branched out from […]


First-Time Find: Modern Charm in West Mt. Airy for $229K

House hunting can be frustrating, especially when your checklist of non-negotiable, must-have features is looking a lot less like a checklist and a little more […]


Faded Glory in Mt. Airy for $700K

Perhaps one reason those who compare Philadelphia to Detroit miss the mark is because this city has many neighborhoods that, while they have seen better […]


Jaw Dropper of the Week: “Tuppence” Wows All the Way From West Mt. Airy

Here’s the truth about so-called “jaw-dropper” homes (trust us, we would know): like people, they come in all shapes and styles. The more ostentatious tend […]


$1.18 Million Dollar Stone Tudor in West Mount Airy Comes with a Beer Keg

We can’t make this stuff up, you guys. The listing clearly states this 1928 solid stone home has a lower-level recreation room with convenient features for entertaining company […]