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Health Organizations Around Philadelphia Where You Can Volunteer

Want to give back to the community? Help others on their way to a healthy life? Here’s a few places and ways around Philadelphia where you […]

Be Well Philly

Philly’s Largest Park Celebration Returns This May

This upcoming Monday, nearly 200 countries will celebrate Earth Day, our annual chance to show Mother Nature some TLC and raise awareness about the perks of going […]


New Year’s Resolutions: 21 Ways to Volunteer in and Around Philly

You Do You Start with your skills, talents and interests — then give them to others. If You Like to Cook Make all those hours […]


Five Reasons It Feels Good to Do Good for Others

It’s part of our DNA. The desire to help others is hardwired, or definitely built into human nature. You don’t have to tell very young […]

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Meet a Health Hero Semifinalist: Todd Irwin

» You can vote for Todd Irwin here from September 4th through October 2nd.  Name: Todd Irwin Role: President of the Board of Directors and volunteer pilot, Angel Flight East, an […]