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This Villanova Researcher Is Using Earthworms to Create a Human Blood Substitute

When it comes to trauma care, donor blood is a precious commodity. As many as 4.5 million Americans receive life-saving blood transfusions each year. Many […]

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This Lifelike Brain Could Help Doctors Prevent Traumatic Brain Injury

“Smart brain” sounds redundant because aren’t brains already inherently smart? But truth is, even the slightest head injury can cause major dysfunction in the human brain, sometimes […]

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Former Villanova University Campus Minister Tim O’Connell Pleads Guilty in Child Porn Case

On Tuesday, former Villanova University campus minister Tim O’Connell pleaded guilty to one count of receipt of child pornography on the day that a trial […]

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This Spin Instructor’s Week Involved Celebrity Sightings and Stolen Cars

Who I am: Raymond Smeriglio (@rsmerg11), 26, living in the Italian Market area What I do: I’m a major gift officer at Villanova University’s Charles Widger School […]

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PHOTOS: Scenes From the Villanova Victory Parade

The Villanova Wildcats celebrated their national championship win with a parade in Center City on Thursday. The event kicked off at 20th and Market Streets at […]

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Villanova Alum Sells Off The Pavilion, One Board at a Time

Twenty-five years ago, Main Line real estate attorney Scott Reidenbach was a senior at Villanova University and a rabid Wildcats basketball fan during a time […]


I Love My Job: Joyce Russell, Dean of the Villanova School of Business

When Joyce Russell was appointed Dean of the Villanova School of Business last year, she became the first woman to lead the institution and inherited […]