Phillies - Red alternate jerseys - 2016

Phillies Unveil New Red Alternate Jerseys

For the first time in years, the Phillies will wear red jerseys in the regular season. The Phillies announced today that the jerseys, created by […]


Are These the New Sixers Jerseys?

There are many questions about the future of the Sixers. Which draft picks are they going to get in the lottery next week? If the […]


Sixers Unveil New Logos With Retro Vibe

It’s very difficult these days not to treat any Sixers news as an excuse for kicking the team that’s spent the last two years tanking. […]


Sixers Tease New Uniforms for Next Season

It’s not just a youth movement where only one player who has logged minutes this year was born before 1988. It’s not just a new […]

The NFL Uniform Style Ranking

The Official Shoppist Style Ranking Of NFL Uniforms

We here at Shoppist are passionate about sports. This probably comes across in posts like this (it can be cold out there on the field!) and […]

Birds 24/7

Eagles Switching To Kelly Green Uniforms? Not So Fast

The Eagles are aware of the petition (now with north of 9,000 votes) to reinstate Kelly Green as the team’s official color, but there is very little they can do in the short term to make that a reality.