“This Is Stupid”: What Philly Drivers and Riders Are Saying About Uber Pool Express

You’ve probably heard by now that Uber is once again trying to disrupt its own disruption. Last week, the company rolled out Uber Express Pool […]

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Philly College Students Say Uber Driver Stranded Them at Deserted Construction Site

Two students at Temple and Drexel universities say they had a nightmarish Uber rider earlier this month — and they’re warning other Philly women to […]


Here’s What You People Lost in Philly Ubers

I have taken literally hundreds of Uber rides since the company launched in the Philadelphia area way back in 2012, and I have never, ever […]


Uber Unveils Subscription Service Test for Philly Riders

As if Amazon Prime, Spotify and Netflix subscriptions weren’t enough, here’s another service we might all be adding to monthly expenses soon: Uber just began […]

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You Can Now Ride UberPOOL Tax-Free in Philly

That transit check that helps you get to work could now help you do it in a car. On Wednesday, Uber announced it had started […]

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UberPool: I Came, I Saw, I Took Forever to Get Home

Although Uber’s UberPool service debuted in Philadelphia a full month ago now, I’m still talking to a lot of regular Uber users who haven’t taken […]


How to Take UberPOOL and Not Kill the Other Passenger

If you took an UberX this weekend, you probably found yourself staring at an Uber app that looked a lot like this: If that confused […]


UberPOOL Launching in Philly on Friday

Ready to share that Uber with a complete stranger? If so, you’ll be looking at a much cheaper ride. UberPOOL is launching on Friday in Philadelphia. It allows riders to […]