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Be Well Philly

We Tried a Killer Half-Spin, Half-Strength Training Workout

Another month, another insanely fun BWP Underground event. For our December pop-up workout, we headed to Best-of-Philly-winning BPM Fitness, which just celebrated its one-year anniversary […]

Be Well Philly

I Tried Philly’s New Vegan Energy Bar Before a Run — And My Stomach Was Fine

When it comes to eating before running, my personal motto is: just don’t. It doesn’t matter if I’m running three miles or thirteen — I’ve […]

Be Well Philly

A Philadelphia Marathoner Designed This Vegan Energy Bar Just for Runners

Bob Mitchell wasn’t always obsessed with running. He wasn’t a serious runner in high school or college, and he didn’t lace up for his first marathon until […]