ThinkFest 2019

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Here’s What You Missed at ThinkFest 2019

This year’s ThinkFest certainly gave us lots to think about. Over the course of the afternoon at Penn’s Annenberg School on Thursday, some of the […]

City Life

It’s 2039. Here’s How Philadelphia Finally Embraced Its History.

If Philadelphia’s going to become the greatest city in the U.S., it will have to learn to embrace its past. Currently, we could be doing […]

City Life

It’s 2039. Here’s How We Finally Smashed the Old Boys’ Network

On Tuesday, Philly will take the familiar test that every election brings as of late: Will new Philly politics oust old Philly politics? Will the […]

City Life

It’s 2039. This Is How Philadelphia Became the Greatest City in America.

For this year’s ThinkFest, we’ve set up a little conceit. Instead of talking about the future of Philadelphia in the, well, future tense, we’re pretending […]

City Life

It’s 2039. Here’s How Philly Rose to the Challenge of Climate Change.

Climate change news and warnings seem to come incessantly these days — not unlike one big flood. The latest? A study published this week in […]


It’s 2039. Here’s How We Made All Our Neighborhoods Great Again.

“City of homes.” “City of neighborhoods.” Both of these epithets have been applied to Philadelphia over its 337-year history. And Philadelphia has long taken pride […]

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It’s 2039. Here’s How Philadelphia Built a Citywide Sports Dynasty.

What makes a city great? A low poverty rate, a thriving arts and food scene, a robust public transportation system, a diverse citizenry — these are the […]


It’s 2039. Here’s How Philly Lowered the Poverty Rate and Solved Income Inequality.

ThinkFest 2019 will take us into the future, to the year 2039. We’re asking you to imagine Philadelphia as the country’s leading city, a place […]

City Life

It’s 2039. Philadelphia Is America’s Greatest City. How Did We Get Here?

Picture Philadelphia as America’s leading city in 2039. Within the span of 20 years, we managed to dramatically lower the poverty rate, confront climate change, […]