Philly Native On Trial in Texas “Draw Muhammad” Attack

A Philadelphia native has gone on trial in Texas, accused of helping plot a deadly shooting attack against a “Draw Muhammad” contest in May of […]


FBI: Terror Suspect Tried to Fly Out of Philly Airport to Join ISIS

The United States Attorney in New York has announced the arrest of Ali Saleh, a 22-year-old man from Queens who stands accused of attempting to […]


CIA Was Right: Waterboarding Works

To read Larry Mendte’s criticism of torture, as depicted in the new Senate report, click here. To say the killing of Osama bin Laden created […]


Torture Report Sickens Me

Read Chris Freind’s defense of “enhanced interrogations” here.  I am sickened by the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA’s extensive use of torture during […]


Airline with Horrifying Fox Mascot Brings New Cheap Flights to PHL

Frontier Airlines, the Denver-based low-cost carrier, is coming back to PHL Airport with flights to seven cities. The airline hasn’t been at PHL since a […]