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U.S. Ordered to Pay $4M in Temple Hospital Settlement

The federal government will pay half of an $8 million settlement for a birth injury lawsuit involving Temple University Hospital, a federal judge has ordered. […]

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Why Thousands of Philly’s Newborns Will Soon Be Sleeping in Cardboard Boxes

A Finnish tradition is making its way to Philly by way of Temple University Hospital. What’s the tradition, you ask? That would be baby boxes: […]

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Temple Study: Surprise, Stress May Have Nothing to Do With Your Acne

We’re heading full force into what typically shakes out to be the most stressful season of the year. Between all of your holiday obligations, end-of-year […]


10 Philly Hospitals Ranked by Reputation

Hospitals are often ranked by physician ratings, patient experience¬†or level of expertise in a specialty. But what about community perception? In today’s new world of […]

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Trans Fats 101: What They Are (and Why You Should Steer Clear of Them)

Earlier this month, the FDA announced it was banning artificial trans fats from food products. It set a 2018 deadline to remove all partially hydrogenated […]

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Temple Launches Philly’s First Public Umbilical Cord-Blood Donation Program

Temple University Hospital announced today that it is establishing the city’s first public cord-blood donation program to collect stem cell-rich blood from discarded umbilical cords. […]