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Philadelphia’s Tax Delinquency Epidemic Rages On

Property tax delinquency was — once again — on the rise in Philadelphia between April 2014 and April 2015. In spite of the Nutter administration’s […]


Philly’s Tax Lien Sale Sucked*

Philadelphia’s first tax lien sale under Mayor Michael Nutter was a flop. But it was also kind of amazing. I’ll explain, but first, a quick primer on this […]


Philadium Shut Down

The Philadium has been shut down by the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Revenue for taxes owed. Michael Klein is reporting that the South Philadelphia […]


Inside Take: How City Hall Makes Blight Worse

(This is an opinion column from a Citified insider.) This could prove to be a seminal year in Philadelphia’s seemingly intractable fight against blight. The launch […]


Philly Won’t Turn Over Tax Deadbeats to Bill Collectors

You can relax, taxpayers: City Hall probably won’t be sending bill collectors after you anytime soon.


Manco and Manco Owners Arrested on Tax Charges

Charles and Mary Bangle of Manco and Manco pizza fame have been arrested on tax charges. The couple will appear in court today. Manco and […]


Good News Alert: Philadelphia Rate of Property Tax Delinquency Is Down

True, the numbers are still execrable: As of April 2013, the city is owed $522 million in delinquent property taxes–which far exceeds the $50 million price […]


Are There Tax Deadbeats In Rittenhouse Square?

We don’t mean right this second, like hanging out by the fountain. But when you think about deadbeats who don’t pay property taxes, you probably […]