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Here’s How Much It Will Cost You to Get to the Super Bowl From Philly

Two weeks from now, the Philadelphia Eagles are going to be in Minneapolis doing their best to bring home Philadelphia’s first-ever Super Bowl victory, and […]


PHOTOS: Philly Is Going Wild for the Eagles (and it’s Wonderful)

It’s a terrific day to be a Philadelphian. Our heads, like yours, are still spinning from last night’s win. So let’s keep it short: Philly […]

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Police Prep for Post-Eagles Game Mayhem in Northeast Philly

Philly, we hope you’re prepared. In the event that the Eagles beat the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday (fingers crossed, dog masks ready), police are prepping for […]


Bud Light Is Throwing Us a Party If Eagles Win Super Bowl

Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson seems like a pretty self-aware dude. He let down the team last year when he tested positive for a banned […]


NFL Draft Success Proves Philly Is Capable of Bigger, Better

You can just feel the buzz surrounding Philadelphia in the wide world of sports following our overwhelming success as hosts of the NFL Draft along […]

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Why Did Monmouth University Run a Super Bowl Commercial?

Watch the @MonmouthBBall commercial that ran during #SuperBowl #FlyHawks — Monmouth Hawks (@MUHawks) February 6, 2017 It was last Thursday when Tara Peters decided […]

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Matt Ryan Proves He Really Is From Here

Matt Ryan grew up in Exton. That’s 45 minutes to an hour outside of Center City Philadelphia, but it didn’t stop local media from localizing […]


How to Super Bowl Like a Pro This Sunday

Revolution Taco/Official Maybe you’ve got the most incredible buffalo chicken dip recipe known to man, or maybe you enjoy grilling in the cold. Maybe you’re just […]

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Your Game-Day Menu: 12 Healthier Snack Ideas for Your Super Bowl Party

Leave the junk food to the folks in commercials this year. Below is a list of recipes that will satisfy your Super Bowl snacking needs without making […]

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Philly-Area Man Has Chance to Take Down Patriots in Super Bowl

One Philadelphia-area man can prevent the Patriots from winning the Super Bowl with just his arm. That man is Matt Ryan, Exton native and quarterback […]

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NATIONAL NEWS: Anti-Gay Bill Might Harm Atlanta’s Super Bowl Bid

The NFL is speaking out against Georgia’s recently passed “religious liberty” bill. Georgia House Bill 757, which will allow institutionalized LGBTQ discrimination, has received opposition […]


5 Best and Worst Super Bowl Commercials, Picked by Philly Ad Agency

The Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers weren’t the only ones fighting for supremacy on Super Bowl Sunday. Advertisers were battling for the top spot, too. […]

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Your Weekend Workout Playlist: 20 Songs to Drown Out the Super Bowl Chatter 

This weekend is all football talk, and if you, like me, do not care at all, this week’s workout playlist is designed specifically to help […]


Takeout for a Winning Super Bowl Party

Whether you’re rooting for the Panthers or the Broncos (or Team Fluff, for you Puppy Bowlers), one thing we can all agree on is that it isn’t […]


A Guy From Philly Nicknamed “Philly” Is in the Super Bowl

Corey Brown didn’t want to be called “Philly.” It makes sense. Plenty of people drop their college nicknames when they leave school. Corey Brown only […]