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Doogie Horner

From America’s Got Talent to YA Novelist: Doogie Horner Has a New Book Out

Almost a decade ago, Doogie Horner was a Quirk Books illustrator and Philly standup comedian who became Internet-famous thanks to a series of appearances on […]

chip chantry philadelphia comedy

Comedian Chip Chantry on Bob Saget, South Philly and Hecklers

Best of Philly-winning Philly comedian Chip Chantry has a brand new comedy album out. (Yes, people are still releasing comedy albums, apparently, and you can […]


Philly Comedians: Punch Line Philly Should Cancel Jeremy Piven’s Show

Fishtown comedy club Punch Line Philly is set to host 52-year-old actor Jeremy Piven this weekend, and local comedians aren’t happy. Their concern? Piven, who’s best known […]


Abby Rosenquist Is First Woman to Win Helium’s Philly’s Phunniest

Every year for the last twelve years, Helium Comedy Club has hosted Philly’s Phunniest contest, a weeks-long elimination-style stand-up comedy competition. And every year, the […]

Kellyanne Conway stand-up

We Talked to Two Philly Comedians About Kellyanne Conway’s Stand-Up

Kellyanne Conway is an advisor to the most powerful person in the world, President Donald Trump. The South Jersey native was originally a Ted Cruz […]