Sports Embarrassments


Top Five Infamous Booings in Philadelphia, Gary Bettman Edition

So Gary Bettman didn’t exactly receive the friendliest of receptions during the NHL Draft in Philly on Friday. But booing one of the easiest targets […]

Former 76er Evan Turner with the Pacers

Watch: Spencer Hawes Gets Posterized Trying to Dunk on LeBron James

The Sixers’ losing streak now stands at a mighty 22 games, but would they be any better off if they hadn’t held their trade deadline […]


Fan Falls Asleep Courtside as Sixers Lose to Worst Team in NBA by 20

Will the 76ers win another game this year? After the team’s 11th straight loss, a 130-110 defeat to the Milwaukee Bucks, it doesn’t seem that […]


Sixers Suffer Another Hilariously Bad Loss

Fresh off their 45-point drubbing at the hands of the Clippers on Sunday night, the Sixers faced Golden State on Monday night. And guess what […]


Sixers Lose by 45 to Team Wearing T-Shirts

Of all the franchises in the NBA, the Los Angeles Clippers are historically the worst. (They’re kind of like the Phillies of basketball.) Of all […]