Snow Day

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New Snow Day Law Makes It Official: Pennsylvania Hates Happiness

It’s summer. For a few blissful weeks, children are free to romp happily, chase the ubiquitous music of ice cream trucks, devour cup after cup of cherry water […]

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21 Things You Just Can’t Escape on a Philly Snow Day

Cecily Tynan utters the phrase “polar vortex.” Your next door neighbor tells you, “When I was a kid, I used to walk two miles uphill […]

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PHOTOS: Scenes From That Nor’easter None of Us Wanted

Philly would have preferred windbreaker weather over the fourth nor’easter of March. Nonetheless, here we are looking at four inches of fresh white snow in […]

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PHOTOS: Scenes From Winter Storm Quinn in Philly

Can you believe it snowed this much in March? We can’t either. While some may have believed Philly’s declaration of a snow emergency was a tad […]

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These Philly Spots Are Serving Snow Day Specials

Whether you’re enjoying an impromptu snow day off or trekked through the tundra into the office, one thing’s for sure: restaurants and bars in Philly […]

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The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Our Favorite Kind of Snow Day

You’re right, you’re right; it’s annoying to rearrange your whole schedule because the weather people warn of an impending Snowmageddon. And yeah, it’s totally aggravating to […]


Happy Snow Day Everyone!

I know, I know… Everyone was predicting a Snowpocalypse today and what we got was just a little bit of snow, in February, which is […]

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Snow Day Plans: Run Secret Snow Day Beer Mile with Run215

The snow is a comin’, friends. If you can already feel the cabin fever kicking in, know that you don’t have to stay on your […]


Snow Day! Here’s What’s #OpenInPHL

You may have had a snow day or two this winter but this is the first that has a legitimate snowfall to go with it. […]

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Here’s What Gene Marks Gets Wrong About Teachers and Snow Days

Earlier this week, Philadelphia magazine opinion columnist Gene Marks questioned why teachers get snow days. Today, Steve Clark, a teacher and two-time “Best Storyteller in […]

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Why Do Teachers Get Snow Days?

UPDATE: Philadelphia school teacher Steve Clark has written a response to this column.  Hey school teachers, I have an idea. Instead of fighting the School […]

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5 Snow-Filled Philly Fitness Instagrams That Will Make You Want to Go Outside

If the thought of abandoning your house for a workout in the snowy — or in some cases, very slushy — outdoors is proving difficult (because […]

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The $3 Hack to Make Your Bike Tires Skid-Proof for Snowy Winter Rides

Man, the gals over that the Women Bike PHL Facebook group are killing it lately with useful tidbits for bike commuters. First, they alerted us […]

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18 Movies and TV Shows to Stream On Your Snow Day

Snowstorm duds are the best kind of duds: Many of us still get a snow day from work and we don’t have to worry about shoveling our sidewalks. […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Living Room Workouts for Snowy Days

Okay, okay, so we didn’t quite the get snowy wallop weather forecasters predicted. But by the looks of my desolate office and the largely deserted […]