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This Face Goop Is the Only Stuff That’ll Get Me to Wear Sunscreen Every Day

I hate sunscreen. I hate the well it smells. I hate how it leaves a sticky, slimy film all over my skin. I hate how, […]

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A Hip Jewelry Store, an Athleisure Boutique, and Other New Philly Shops to Check Out

There’s plenty of new boutiques, spas, and more to check out around Philly. Here, your guide to the best new Philly stores and retail that […]

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We’re Obsessed With These 6 Facial Serums Created by Local Beauty Makers

These high-performance facial serums — all concocted by homegrown beauty-product makers — will transform your skincare routine. 1. For soothing inflammation This Korean-inspired concoction — from […]

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7 All-Natural Skin Care Lines Based Right Here in the Philly Area

Whether you’re looking for new goodies to add to your beauty routine, or you’re on the hunt for products to help tackle specific skin problems, […]

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6 Whole Foods Skin-Care Products Philly Beauty Pros Adore

From March 21 to 27 is a little-known holiday called Whole Foods Beauty Week, which means that all of the grocery chain’s natural skin care […]

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7 Products a Philly Wellness Guru Can’t Live A Week Without

You can find Kate Van Horn noodling away on her laptop in some Center City coffeeshop or taking over the Hotel Monaco Instagram feed for a weekend from […]

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5 Things I Started Doing Differently Once I Became a Health Editor

I’ve always been interested in healthy eating and exercise. I have not always been a health editor, however. When people ask how I got into […]

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Does Drinking Water Do Anything to Help My Dry Skin?

Dry skin in a plague that seems to be especially widespread during the winter months. Hands cracking, lips chapping — it’s all unpleasant and sometimes […]

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The Checkup: The Perfect Pre-Workout Breakfast for Every Diet

• The struggle of finding the perfect pre-workout breakfast — one that’s not so heavy it weighs you down, but hefty enough to fuel your workout — […]


Connoisseur: Danuta Mieloch’s Favorite Things

The founder of Rescue Spa is a longtime fixture on Philly’s beauty scene, but now, after fielding desperate pleas from our neighbors up north, she’s […]

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Whole Foods Is Offering an Insane Deal on Beauty Products This Friday 

Whenever I go to Whole Foods, I peruse the beauty aisle in the same way I peruse the Lululemon website. That is, with very little […]

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The Checkup: 5 Fitness Apps Worth Sacrificing Space in Your Phone For 

• Figuring our which fitness apps are and aren’t worthy of the precious — limited! — space in your iPhone can be hard. That’s where this list […]

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9 Awesome Vegan Beauty Products to Have on Your Radar

When it comes to the vegan lifestyle, it doesn’t have to stop at the food you consume. Without getting too deep into the disturbing realities of […]


3 Sunburn Remedies You Can Make in the Kitchen

So you laid out on the beach all day to try and bring some life back into those translucently pale legs, but only managed to […]

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The Toxic Skincare Ingredients Hiding in Your Beauty Products

We’ve all heard the cautionary tales of secretly damaging ingredients in everything from your shampoo to your lipstick. But how are you supposed to discern […]