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25 Gay Things to Do in Philly This September

The Pope who? There’s a lot more going on in Philadelphia this September besides a visit from the Vatican. We rounded up 25 LGBT events, […]

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Lesbian Couple Attacked at Six Flags

A teenage lesbian couple were viscously attacked at Six Flags New England after their alleged perpetrators “yelled graphic, homophobic slurs at the couple,” according to a […]


NJ Transit Wants to Cut Philly-to-Six Flags Great Adventure Route

A seasonal bus route that connects Philadelphia to Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari in New Jersey is on NJ Transit’s chopping block, reports. […]

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PHOTOS: Gay Night at Six Flags Great Adventure 2014

“What the fuck is an El Toro?” questioned one rainbow-clad adventure-seeker as he walked toward the ride. He was about to find out: The famed Six Flags […]


Six Flags Apologizes to Vet for Barring Him From Park for Shirt With Rifle on It

Six Flags Great Adventure has apologized to a Marine vet after denying him entry into the park for his “Keep calm and return fire” t-shirt. […]


Patrons Stop Robber at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

Patrons at New Jersey’s Six Flags Hurricane Harbor water park chased down and caught a robber, police said. Cops say the victim made a large […]