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Be Well Philly

I Tried Shopping Ethically for One Month and Failed on the First Day

I’m a typical millennial, chowing down on avo toast and drowning in student loan debt. But, like many millennials, I’ve taken up the cause of […]


Is it Possible to Find Stylish Clothes at Kohl’s?

Not gonna lie: I got about 90 percent of my clothes from Kohl’s in middle school. (The other 10 percent were hand-me-downs.) By the time I […]


Life After Nalgene: 11 Reusable Water Bottles You’ll Want to Carry Everywhere

I am notoriously bad at remembering to drink water. Even after a very unsexy bout with kidney stones, I still find myself lugging home an unopened water bottle […]


Where to Shop Warm-Weather Vacation Gear Right Now

One of our editors recently fled our suddenly harsh winter for Puerto Rico. Before she left, she shopped around the city for warm-weather, vacation-appropriate pieces like […]


This Year’s Best and Worst Black Friday Deals

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether the deal you’re getting on Black Friday is the best one out there. Between Thanksgiving meal preparations, grubbing, getting […]


Market Report: 6 Shopping Mistakes That Are Costing You Money

Even the savviest shopper can be swayed by a too-good deal or a too-small (but so good) pair of shoes. Here are the main mistakes […]


Market Report: How a Fashion Editor Shops on a Budget

Yep, a former Condé Nast fashion editor shops the sale racks. Here are her secrets to scoring the best, affordable fashion finds. Tip 1: Ignore seasons and don’t […]


Market Report: 7 Insider Tips to the Best Zara Shopping Experience

Did you know that shopping at Zara on Tuesdays and Thursdays is best? That’s when new arrivals come in. Here, more insider tips to snagging the […]


Market Report: How to Become the Online Shopper Who Never Has to Return Anything

A luxury fashion buyer weighs in on the best tips and tricks for online shopping (like how to predict if an item will go on […]


Here Is Your Game Plan for Lilly Pulitzer for Target’s Sunday Launch

Where there is Lilly, there is shopping chaos. (Seriously, the brand’s fans are die-hard.) And anyone who has been following the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collaboration […]

maternity jeans

Confession: I Wear Maternity Jeans Even Though I’m Not Pregnant

I could have at least four different-sized human beings shop in my closet right now, as it is filled with pants ranging from size 0 to […]


Why I Stopped Wearing Bras and Embraced the Boob Turban

Several months ago, I gave up on bras. Real bras, with cups and underwires and fancy lace and skinny straps. I gave them up to preserve my sanity, really: […]


How To (Finally) Figure Out Your Glove Size

A few years ago, I found my perfect pair of gloves: gold Nappa leather with tiny red suede ovals on the fingers, sort of like […]


Street Style: How to Rock Androgynous Style

Name: Rachel Woodman ‘
Hood: Fishtown Day Job: Graphic designer. 
Where We Found Her: At SundayOUT at the Piazza, “recovering from the Broad Street Run.” 
What She’s Wearing: […]


Market Report: Are Handcuffs the Next Biggest Accessories Trend?

The fashion world is moving past mere bracelets now, and straight into handcuffs. And, no, it’s not what you think. [Elle] And here is how […]