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Monstrous 926-Pound Mako Shark Caught Off N.J. Coast

Fishermen reeled in the largest shark in New Jersey history this past weekend: a 12-foot, 926-pound mako shark caught in North Jersey’s Hudson Canyon. 


Shark Week News: La Calaca Feliz Hosting 3rd Annual Shark Dinner

There are a lot of ways to revel in Shark Week, but few are quite so bold as planning to eat the creatures (save, perhaps, […]


Dolphin, Half-Eaten by Shark, Washes Up in North Wildwood

My friend Karissa Kerns snapped this pic Saturday in Wildwood right after it washed up on the beach early afternoon. Posted by Gene Alesi on […]


Northeast Philly Native Helped Rescue Man After Calif. Shark Attack

A Northeast Philadelphia native was one of the rescuers of a man bit by a shark in California. A lifeguard for the Los Angeles County […]

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Off Cape May, You’ll Need a Bigger Boat

OK, this is kind of scary. Fishermen encountered an apparent great white shark off the coast of Cape May, near a World War II shipwreck […]